HoE Ads and much more



The Soft Machine payd

their money for three brand

new copies of HoE.

Right below :

Sir George Martin

& the Beatles

during rehearsals of

Sgt. Pepper's album.

Left below:

New armchair companions

for the Floyd...







               Left: a famous Frank Habitch shot dated 1967; right: Ummagumma sleeve art revisited.







                                     the Soft Machine in the inner sleeve of their Third album.





           Queen Victoria from a Kinks’ album.                      Selling England by the Pound with an empty bench.





                                                    1969:  In the Court of Crimson King inner sleeve.





                 Queen Elizabeth II                                                     Birth of books press.





                      Young Londoneers in 1966.                                   Re-work of a famous Beatles’ Christmas pic.






                                          Brigitte Bardot                                                    Brian Epstein





                             Pink Floyd make a toast.                                              a Janis Joplin reading






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