Darmstein 2015


In early summer I visited Istein (Baden) and its railway area and,

as always happens when you see for real something you've only

seen in romantic black and  white old photographs, I was very

impressed. So I planned to build a small two-tracks "8" with only

the straight portal-bahnhof-portal visible on surface, with "poetic

licence" to change the station building: I always loved a bridge

building like Darmstadt Südbahnhof. So the name Darmstein.




With unavoidable and unique help of Dr. Enrico Di Russo

(better say I helped him), we began in late june what would

become the difficult task to run an 1:160 small tank or E 71

hauling four zweiachsen coaches in a gradient of 7%.




With radius 1 we can have a good effect of illusion that train

disappears after passing the tunnel portal (layout finishes

just 20 cm. beyond).


Enrico built with his hands a very beautiful platform and

at the end of the summer I placed trees and overhead wiring.



                Southern views                                         Northern  views












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